Human Capital

Aiming to hire the best local and global talent, Sabancı Group is committed to delivering exceptional employee experience.

2. Establish a Fast, Flexible, Fluid Organization

Creating an agile and adaptable organizational structure that emphasizes speed, flexibility, and fluidity in companies to push Sabancı Group’s strategy forward is the goal of this pillar.

In 2023, Sabancı Group completed the strategic workforce planning initiative. Human resources actions will be designed accordingly, focusing on crucial organizational skills and capabilities for companies to achieve their objectives.

Leadership bench strength is a key success factor at Sabancı Group. Maintaining continuity and expanding the talent pool are accomplished through organizational and group-level people review gatherings. These efforts ensure adherence to leadership potential assessments, succession strategies, pipeline capacity, and overall organizational health and flexibility across the Group.

X-TEAMS, a business development platform utilizing agile methodology, aims to identify potential business areas aligned with the Group’s strategies. Since the platform’s launch, eight cohorts with 50 teams consisting of employees from cross-functional teams have realized more than 50 projects.

3. Build a Purpose Driven, High Performance Culture

The objective of this pillar is to foster a culture centered on purpose and high performance, motivating Sabancı Group employees to concentrate on an inspiring goal and collectively attain sustainable outcomes.

Sabancı Group’s purpose is to unite Türkiye and the World for a sustainable life with leading enterprises. All strategies and actions based on this purpose are shared with Group employees at the annual management meeting and quarterly CEO talks.

As part of the Sabancı Republic Day Campaign, the Group participated in the Istanbul Marathon with 2,800 employees – the largest number to join the popular event from a single company. Adopting the slogan “It’s Worth Running,” Sabancı Group ranked among the top conglomerates to raise the most charity donations.

At the 14th Golden Collar Awards, 153 projects from across the Group competed. The best projects were recognized and rewarded in the following categories: “Digitalization and Continuous Improvement,” “Innovation,” “Customer Experience,” “Sustainability,” and “Sabancı of New Generation.”

Embraced by every Sabancı Group company, the continuous performance system (OKRs, KPIs) prioritizes transparency, maintains agility, fosters collaboration, and thrives on feedback. In 2023, 100% of Group employees had regular performance evaluations.

Human Capital

All Sabancı Group companies offer separate side benefit schemes with varying content and flexibility based on role status and requirements in line with employee expectations and needs. The Group does not tolerate a raw gender pay gap between male and female employees. Sabancı Group is committed to conducting an annual equal pay for equal work research study, including a raw gender pay gap analysis, to maintain wage equity going forward.

In 2023, Sabancı Group executed an interim salary increase in line with macroeconomic data and market conditions to ensure competitive employee welfare.

STI (short-term incentive plan) enable employees to focus their performance on achieving key financial and non‑financial objectives. LTI (long-term incentive plan) are offered to a defined group of senior executive positions to boost share value and help them gain a shareholder perspective, as well as to reward long‑term performance and stability. The Board of Directors reviews and defines long-term KPIs for the senior management team each year.

4. Enable Orchestrator Leadership for Teams

Cultivating leaders in line with the Sabancı Leadership Model, and skillfully orchestrating teams and all stakeholders are the objective of this pillar.

In 2023, the Sabancı Leadership Model was renewed with collective wisdom and a participatory approach. The new model aims to raise future-ready leaders who act as ecosystem leaders, focus on growth, prepare for the future by transforming, and strengthen connections.

Leadership Development Programs are regularly conducted to bolster the diverse leadership pipeline and extend the Sabancı Leadership Model to all levels of the organization.

5. Create a Human Touch for Sustainable Lives

This pillar aims to instill a human-centric approach to promote sustainable lifestyles, fostering connections that prioritize personal touchpoints and continuous learning for general well-being and vitality.

Sabancı Group is committed to providing an inclusive work environment and driving community growth where it operates. The Group strictly prohibits discrimination based on language, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, or disability. Embracing the Declaration of Principles on Equality at Work, Sabancı Group prioritizes a fair workplace in line with its sustainability strategy. Progress is monitored via a comprehensive roadmap, which includes female leadership, equal pay, inclusive culture, anti-harassment policies, and women’s support, as acknowledged by the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. Notably, Sabancı Holding was included in the 2023 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index – the sole Turkish holding company in the global index.

Sabancı Group companies receive regular data-based analysis on potential industrial relations and labor law risks. Immediate updates are provided on these developments to aid proactive risk management. Embracing adaptable work approaches, the Group implements flexible working models within legal and regulatory frameworks.

Respecting employees’ rights to organize and engage in collective bargaining, Sabancı Group maintains a neutral stance towards unions and unionization processes. A substantial portion of Group employees are union members. Collaborative environments are fostered by labor and employer unions, ensuring sustainable labor relations. As the leader of TÜSİAD’s Employment and Social Security Working Group, Sabancı Group supports initiatives focused on labor legislation compliance, secure flexible work, employment incentives, and future job skills.

Sabancı Group ensures compliance with relevant legislation and internal standards for employee health and safety. Through training and knowledge transfer, the Group aims to standardize and enhance employee health and safety practices continually. Embracing the principle of “Occupational Health and Safety First,” Sabancı Group emphasizes the importance of employee well-being. This commitment to excellence is reflected in both the Group’s workforce and stakeholders.