Development Programs


The X-CELERATE program aims to accelerate the development of top management within the framework of the strategy, culture, values and the Sabancı Leadership Model defined in line with the vision of Sabancı of New Generation. Initiated in 2018 for the General Managers of Group companies, the program was expanded to include Deputy General Managers/Directors in 2020 and held as virtual instructor led classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. X-CELERATE consists of three modules and is designed as an 8-month journey. The program features many different learning methods - ranging from virtual instructor led classes to personal developmental coaching sessions, company immersions for sharing know-how to business simulation tools.

Aiming to further support X-CELERATE’s top manager graduates in their development journey, Sabancı Group organized the first module of the X-CELERATE NEXT program. Under the initial installment of X-CELERATE NEXT, the topic of “COVID-19 and Leadership” was the first on the training agenda. Virtual trainings were organized with the participation of local and foreign consultants. X-CELERATE NEXT will commence in 2021 with four different focus areas.


The X-POSURE program was developed in 2019 to improve the leadership potential of Sabancı Group mid-level managers. The 1.5-year training journey features three modules. X-POSURE includes in-class training, webinars, coaching sessions and business simulation practices led by expert instructors. The program also utilizes other diverse learning methods. X-POSURE’s first class of 21 participants graduated in December 2020. A 6-month mentoring program further supports new X-POSURE graduates. In 2021, X-POSURE is planned to continue with its second group.

Talent Pool of Next (TP-X)

In 2019, Sabancı Group developed the Talent Pool of Next (TP-X) program to improve the leadership skills of high potential talent who are almost new on their business careers and are also new to the Group. TP-X is a 1.5-year training journey and features three modules. The program includes webinars, development coaching and business simulation practices with expert trainers. TP-X also utilizes other diverse learning methods. TP-X’s first class of 20 participants graduated in December 2020. A 6-month mentoring program further supports the new TP-X graduates. In 2021, TP-X is planned to continue with its second group.


To analyze potential future scenarios during the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare Group employees for the present as well as the future, Sabancı Group introduced the “X-TEND Online Development Program” in 2020. Many instructors with notable local and international achievements featured in the program. X-TEND was open to all Group employees.

Training Program on Ethics and Data Protection

Besides protecting the companies and employees, Sabancı Group Business Ethics Code (SA-ETHIC) serves as a guide to the employees regarding the laws, regulations and internal procedures that are decisive in all activities. All new employees in the Group receive the SA-ETHICS training. The university students participating in the New Generation Career Experience Program also receive SA-ETHICS training as well. To continuously update their know-how on SA-ETHICS and raise awareness, current employees join a regular refreshment training every year. At the end of these trainings, written and signed documents which include the statements for compliance with SA-ETHICS are obtained from the employees. The “Personal Data Protection” training, which is held to provide information and raise awareness on Personal Data Protection, continues to be held in Group companies via the online training platform.