Development Programs

Talent Management

The Talent Management Policy aims to attract and reward the best talent. Fostering the best employee experience is the top priority of the Group that supports a strong and sustainable Sabancı employer brand. Sabancı Group’s leadership policy is focused on developing reassuring, mentoring and cooperative leaders with low egos and high potential for learning who engage in participatory decision-making, and attract and develop talent. Sabancı Group tracks the culture and environment fostered by the leaders using quantitative tools.

Developing and Reinforcing the Organization

Sabancı Group’s development policy is built on the concept of continuously learning employees who take ownership of their own development. The Group supports learning by doing (e.g. project-based or by job enrichment) and makes development investments according to personal development needs as well as goals and potential of employees. To this end, Sabancı Group organizes Development Programs as detailed below.

The Young Talents of Sabancı

In 2017, 38 young employees within the Group companies who had demonstrated high-potential, graduated from the Young Talents of Sabancı program after participating in networking opportunities and being exposed to company management via simulation.


During the year, nine managers graduated from the SA LAB program, which launched in 2016 for mid-level executives. The program will enable them to focus on business intelligence issues that will raise awareness of value-driven management and to see their contribution in the bigger picture.


A total of 11 EXECUTIVEs consisting of Executive Managers and Directors participated in the fourth edition of SA-EXE. This program helps executives make effective leadership choices in uncertain and complex situations thereby improving strategic decision-making skills, all supported by simulation.


The Sabancı Leadership Team (SALT) training program is a significant threshold training for all business leaders who have excelled to the top management levels. This successful program includes participation by top management at the headquarters and higher positions. During the program, managers confront and face themselves and shape their leadership qualities with the expectations of Sabancı.

Future Forums

The goal of the Future Forums program, wich began to be designed 11 years ago, is to position a market and customer-oriented perspective that will support our sustainable growth goal at the focal point of every operation, and to support an intellectual transformation that will help the Group think beyond the boundaries of industry and market. The Future Forums, in which the Group companies actively participate, celebrated its seventh term graduates in 2017.

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program, launched ten years ago, continued in 2017. This type of activity in particular is believed to contribute to the individual development of experienced managers and employees as well as to the formation of the “coaching culture” that helps form community that contributes to each other’s success.

28. Floor Conversations

During the year, the high-potential employees of the Group companies convened with the Holding’s top management during specified lunch breaks. Both their talents were introduced while senior management answered their questions and received employee feedback. This was the 13th session of the widely popular luncheons in which 109 talented personnel were hosted.

Big Data & Business Analytics Seminars

A series of seven seminars, the first of which will be for the senior management of Group companies, were contemplated as part of Sabancı Group’s digital transformation program. The first three sessions of the five sessions planned for the first two seminars were already held. Eighty managers participated in the program during these three sessions.

Industry Leaders Program

Organized jointly by the Industry Group President and Sabancı University EDU, the program’s purpose is to ensure professional development of high-potential managers and engineers in the Group’s Industry companies, and to foster sharing of know-how and experience between these employees. Four modules of the program, which consists of a total of 19 modules, were completed with the participation of 17 individuals.

Recruiting and Orientation

The Group’s recruitment policy is based on evaluating candidates according to their adaptability to Sabancı Values and potential, while the recruitment process is based on data and criteria. The Group also monitors outside talent continuously and assesses both external and in-house candidates for critical positions.

Total Reward Management

The Total Reward Management approach rewards success while incentivizing employees to perform superbly.

The Group employs a reward management system that incentivized competition and high performance in order to attract talent to the Group and enhance employee loyalty. Total reward management aims to foster a high performance culture. The Group offers both short-term and long-term incentive plans while rewarding long-term performance.

Boosting Employee Motivation and Loyalty

Retaining personnel at the Company, fostering loyalty and, most importantly, creating a passion and excitement for the work increase our competitive edge. One of the most important elements of motivation is employee understanding of the added value they have created and seeing the big picture. The goal is to take note of the suggestions and expectations of the staff and constantly develop loyalty boosting approaches while providing a safe, healthy working environment setting where ethical values are practiced and the balance between professional and private life is taken into consideration. To this end, employee engagement and satisfaction survey is conducted at the companies.

The Sabancı Golden Collar Awards

Sabancı Holding and the Group companies play an important role in many domestic and international projects with regards to incorporating women into the economy and fostering equality in the workplace. As part of the Sabancı Golden Collar Award program that was organized for the eighth time, key subjects that are critical for the Group are communicated to all employees under the categories of Equality at Work, Investment in People, Digitalization, Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship, Market Focus, Productivity and Value Creator with the purpose of highlighting, recognizing and rewarding best practices.